google chrome (review)

google chrome is a next generation, user-friendly web browser. currently it's not available for linux, but i had to do some work under windoze so i used the opportunity to try it out.

i love...

  • the simplicity
  • the speed
  • the search bar (which is a universal bar for keywords, shortcuts, urls, config..., enhanced by very smooth auto suggest)
  • the new tab (where you can choose from many options what page you want to open - bookmarks, most visited with previews, history, recently closed, history search...)
  • the hideable bookmark toolbar (ctrl+b)
  • history manager (ctrl+h)
  • the automatic and smooth import of my firefox profile
  • memory usage stats (about:memory)
  • dom inspector (right click, inspect element)

i hate...

  • absence of linux version
  • lack of integration into google services (bookmarks, notebook...)
  • lack of support for atom, rss feeds
  • absence of bookmark shortcuts (even if i type full name of bookmark, chrome offers to search the web first
  • no option of master password, instant incremental search...

overall, i had very good feeling using chrome. i believe most of my complaints will be addressed in the future versions.

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