Web 2008 popularity

Here is a scheme i created as a result of my website popularity research:

Top 10 productivity tools

Here is my current list of tools that I use on a daily basis:
  1. google (search engine)
  2. thinkpad X41 (tablet laptop)
  3. firefox (web browser)
  4. google mail (gmail, mail client)
  5. google calendar (calendar)
  6. google reader (feed reader)
  7. google notebook (note taking + organizing)
  8. jedit (text editor)
  9. ubuntu (operation system, open source)
  10. blank sheet of paper + pencil


Top ten blogs of 2008

As a part of my mission to map the web, I did some research of blog popularity. Here are the top 10 most visited blogs according to technorati:
  1. huffington post - politics
  2. gizmodo - tech & gadgets
  3. TechCrunch - web startups
  4. engadget - gadgets
  5. boing boing - hodge-podge
  6. lifehacker - productivity tools & tips
  7. ars technica - tech news & analysis
  8. icanhascheezburger - lolcat imageboard
  9. Mashable - social networking
  10. SMASHING - web, design
The most popular subjects are politics, tech, web and social networking.


How I organized my music library

This is how i organized my music library (mp3 files):
  1. i deleted thousands of tracks and albums that don't inspire me/are not to my taste/make me feel bad/...
  2. i renamed all files to the following format: %artist - %title.mp3
  3. i moved all files to single folder named music
  4. i used utils like mp3renamer, musicbrainz tagger, etc to fetch tags from the internet and tag all the files
  5. now whenever i listen to music in amarok, i add tags to tracks i listen to. i use the comment tag to store my own tags (e.g. meditative, relaxing, flute, dreamy, ambient)
I really love the way my music is organized now. I can't wait for filesystem which will native tagging support (maybe future version of ubuntu?)