How I organized my music library

This is how i organized my music library (mp3 files):
  1. i deleted thousands of tracks and albums that don't inspire me/are not to my taste/make me feel bad/...
  2. i renamed all files to the following format: %artist - %title.mp3
  3. i moved all files to single folder named music
  4. i used utils like mp3renamer, musicbrainz tagger, etc to fetch tags from the internet and tag all the files
  5. now whenever i listen to music in amarok, i add tags to tracks i listen to. i use the comment tag to store my own tags (e.g. meditative, relaxing, flute, dreamy, ambient)
I really love the way my music is organized now. I can't wait for filesystem which will native tagging support (maybe future version of ubuntu?)

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