All round webdesign tips

  1. site logo on top of every page (linked to homepage)
  2. search bar on top of every page
  3. personal bar on top of every page (login/logout, profile (prefs, favs, watchlist, friends,...))
  4. top tags or tag cloud on homepage
  5. top searches suggestion on homepage
  6. search... text in the searchbox to save space
  7. clever (color coded) tabs
  8. breadcrumbs nav (path from homepage or session history)
  9. flag/spam button on every article/comment
  10. article filtering by age (24 hours - 7 days - 30 days - all)
  11. flexible column width with defined min- and max-width (in em)
  12. all important information must be placed above the fold
  13. the optimal column width is 30-70 characters
  14. ↑ go to page top link at the bottom of the page (using up arrow)
  15. thumbing/starring of articles/comments/users
  16. never define only single color. always define the whole set (color and background
  17. choose page <title> carefully
  18. every action that adds/updates/deletes data on server should be accessed by http POST method (html form)
  19. use em units when setting font-size. Don't use px because it does not respect user's preferences (is not relative to parent object's settings)


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